A Web Application is a program that runs on a browser to accomplish specific functions. Debugging software ensures that it performs the desired functions flawlessly. It will ensure that users have a good experience when using the app. You should consider the following factors when debugging the software.

1) Functionality of The App

A key objective when developing a web app is to allow users to be able to perform certain operations. When debugging the software, this is the first thing that a developer should check. The software should execute the desired tasks flawlessly.

To ensure that it functions as desired the developer should check how it behaves under different scenarios. For example, what will the app do when it encounters a broken link or when the user enters alphanumeric data in a field that only requires numeric data.

Cookies are essential components to the functioning of web apps. When debugging the application ensure the cookies perform the desired functions efficiently. For example, when the user clears the browser’s cache they should get deleted. Also, the cookies on the server and client side should always be enabled. It is because they reduce the load time of the application.

2) Security

Security is paramount because the application acts as an interface over which users can enter and retrieve data from the server. Hackers are ever on the prowl on the internet looking for information to use for their selfish gains. There is a chance that your app can be a target. You can ensure it is secure by:

  • The app automatically logs off confidential sessions after the set time elapses
  • A user cannot enter a URL address onto the app before they log in
  • A user cannot access any secure pages on the app without entering valid login details
  • There are no loopholes that unauthorized users can use to download files from the web application
  • The are no loopholes in the encryption method used between the app and the server

3) All Repeat Functions Are Automated

A key objective in incorporating technology in your operations is to make them faster and more straightforward. Automation is critical to reaching this goal. Also, it will improve the experience of the users of the application. Therefore, when debugging you should ensure that the app automates all repeat functions. There are a variety of free tools available that will enable you to check this aspect effectively

Performance of The Application Under Varying Loads

In the operating environment, the app will be subjected to varying loads. It is critical that it performs optimally in these different scenarios. Another factor to check is how it performs under various connection speeds. A stress test can help you determine the breaking point of the program.

Debugging is critical to ensure a web app performs as expected. It will enable you to identify errors early and fix them. The result will be a better experience for the users.

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