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EveryStep Scripting Tool

Version: 4.0.5749.8472EveryStep Scripting Tool
Script Version: 3.0
IE Version: 11.0.9600.1801
Chrome Version: 35.0.1916.157
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The EveryStep Scripting Tool™ is a free, downloadable program that automates the recording of a browser’s interactions with a website or web application.

The EveryStep scripts are used to set-up monitoring and load testing within Dotcom-Monitor and can also be used on a local machine to automate quality assurance (QA) testing of web applications.


Windows XP or later operating system. Windows Vista Or Later

250MB free disk space minimum


  • Note that saving a large number of recorded browser sessions requires addition disk space.
  • Each recorded session requires at minimum, 1 additional MB of storage space.
  • Recorded Browser sessions are not automatically deleted, so you may need to actively manage your storage location.

For example, running a script at a frequency of every 1 minute, each day would create 1440 session result folders.
At an estimated 1MB per monitoring session, 1 full day’s results would take an additional 1.44GB of disk space.




  • To configure advanced settings: click the tool icon in the upper right hand corner of the EveryStep Scripting Tool.
  • Toggle the script window using the down arrows at the top of the script section of the application to display or hide the script if you need additional screen real estate while recording a script.


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Dotcom-Monitor saw a need in the development cycle for a simple scripting and browser automation tool for testing web applications. We built the EveryStep Scripting Tool from the ground up for this very purpose.

EveryStep Video Tutorial

The following video contains an in depth walkthrough showing how to use the EveryStep Scripting Tool.

The tutorial video is about 10 minutes long and is meant to introduce you to the core functionality available in EveryStep.

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