EveryStep Scripting Tool

Powerful and easy-to-use web testing automation.

What is the EveryStep Scripting Tool?

Record ScriptRecord Your Own Interactions with a Website

Mouse movements, hovers and clicks can all be recorded. Once a page has loaded you can select or enter keywords on the page to verify they exist. Select images or sections of an interactive application such as AJAX, Flash or Silverlight to verify that they show up every time the script is replayed.

Verify Script
Verify the Script Runs Successfully

Once you have recorded a script, you can play it back in the script editor to ensure there are no errors. If any errors are detected a prompt will give you the option to filter out those errors when automating the script.

Edit Script
Manually Edit the Script

After recording a script, if you find the need to inject certain verification steps into the middle of the script, or add time delays or timeout counters, you can simply right click the location you wish to change in the script editor and add the necessary tasks.

Save Script
Save the Script

You can save the script to a local file to edit or replay later, or you can upload it to a Dotcom-Monitor account to play back the script from multiple locations around the world.

Replay Script
Replay the Script

Schedule the script to play back in a continuous loop using the EveryStep script player. Set a frequency as often as one minute to replay the script and check for errors. The results of each playback are recorded on your local machine, and you can set up the player to send you email alerts if any errors are detected.

Analyze Script
Analyze the Results

Once you have recorded script playback details you can open the report to analyze the data from a number of different views. The report shows you overall percentages of page load speed for each type of element, a list of the fastest and slowest loading elements on the page and even a waterfall chart detailing the progress and speed of each element in real time.

Designed to Automate Testing

EveryStep was designed to allow anyone to quickly and easily create monitoring scripts for their websites through simple point and click actions.

Once you have recorded a script you can:

• Save script locally for later use

• Upload script to Dotcom-Monitor and run from locations around the world

• Run the EveryStep Script player from your local machine

The EveryStep scripting tool was designed with the flexibility to allow you to specify how frequently you wish to check your site, from as little once every few hours to every minute.

Error Reporting

When errors are detected, EveryStep emails you error diagnostics in real time. Instantly discover the root cause of issues and avoid customer frustration and poor user experience.

Advanced Features

Whether you need to utilize the Rich Internet Application (RIA) tools on interactive sites with Flash, Silverlight and AJAX, capture onscreen images, or manually edit a script in the script panel, all of these tools are at your fingertips in the free version of the EveryStep Scripting Tool.

Need Help Getting Started?

Visit our Knowledge Base for in depth instructions on how to use the EveryStep Scripting Tool.

We also have a support team to assist with your setup and script recording, and a dedicated forum.

Constant Improvement

As the website monitoring industry grows, Dotcom-Monitor is constantly evolving it’s toolsets to provide you with everything necessary for monitoring your infrastructure.

We saw a need in the development cycle for a simple scripting and browser automation tool for testing web applications. We built the EveryStep scripting tool from the ground up with this very purpose in mind.

What can you do with EveryStep?

Simulate synthetic user experiences in desktop and mobile browsers by recording:

  • mouse clicks
  • mouse hovers
  • mouse movements
  • keyboard actions
  • image & text verification

The results of EveryStep monitoring are saved to your local drive so that you can maintain and analyze the results as necessary.

Point & Click Browser Scripting – Never Touch a Line of Code.

EveryStep Browser Automation is FREE!