In order to limit the script to only record items from one domain and ignore all third party content you need to add 2 network filter into the script:

NetworkFilter.Deny(“*”); – this filter blocks all the elements on the page
NetworkFilter.Allow(“*yourdomain.com*”); – this filter allows the elements from a specific domain only (in our case it’s yourdomain.com)

As an example the body of the script will look like this:

// script_version=3.0; everystep_version=4.0.5757.19386; date=11/18/2015; IE=11.0.9600.17937
Tabs.ConfigureIEVersion (BrowserMode.IE11, DocumentMode.IE11Emulate);
Tabs.SetSize (1037, 562);
DMBrowser tab0 = null;
Step (1, “Google – https://yourdomain.com/home.aspx”);
tab0 = Tabs.NewTab ();
tab0.GoTo (“http://yourdomain.com”);