Dotcom Tech Support


1) If we choose to only download and run locally is the pricing the same?
>>There is no cost to run it locally. EveryStep is a free tool.

2) Is there an initial fee or cost?

3) Is the price per download (we would download once per workstation/user) followed by the monthly premium plan of nine dollars per month per user/download? If so, could we cancel this at some time in the future?
Would that mean we could no longer use the download – would have to have a software key or registration to re-activate it?
>>It can be installed on any number of workstations at no cost.

4) Our type of testing would be 1 to 3 testers doing web application regression testing simulating typical business users here at work, would it make more sense for us to use the free plan? Not sure we need all the extras that come with the premium plan…
>>The standalone tool is free and does not come with external monitoring locations.

5) What is user view pricing? Is this a cost beyond the nine dollars per month? Would it apply to us using EveryStep locally?
>>userView is external monitoring service, that is not required to run EveryStep.
>>Pricing for userView can be found here: https://www.dotcom-monitor.com/pricing/