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Hello, please check our answers below:

1) Do we need any special set up or software already installed (such as java)? If so, what specifically and what version(s)? We are using Windows 7.
>> No any special software is needed

2) Can EveryStep be used for Chrome, IE, Firefox browsers? Any special plug-ins or other special additional configurations to handle them?
>> EveryStep supports only Chrome and IE browsers. No any special plug-ins or configurations are not required.

3) Since we may only need the local/downloaded product, are there any limitations or differences from the upload/cloud/dotcom version?
>>EveryStep is a free tool. You can use it to create scripts either for local use or monitoring within Dotcom account.

4) Can EveryStep be used for browsers on mobile devices? If so, any limitations on the type of mobile devices?
>> EveryStep can be used to emulate mobile browsers. Currently it supports the following emulation: https://www.dotcom-monitor.com/wiki/monitoring-platforms/browserview/mobile-browser-emulation/

5) How well does EveryStep handle dynamic IDs of objects? Is C# coding required for this? Or can it be handled by keywords?
>>EveryStep identifies element IDs via getting their XPaths. Its logic tries to create XPath in “universal” way so it can be re-used. Though there still can be situations when you will need to change XPath of an element in a script when it was changed on html page.

6) How well does EveryStep handle change in location of objects? Is C# coding required for this? Is this what you call browser control size?
>>EveryStep script actions (like clicks) are based on element existance so their location change doesn’t really matter. The only problem can be with RIA scripts when image is chceked on particular position. In this case script should be re-done by changing old image to a new one. What concerns browser control size, you can read more about it here:

7) Can EveryStep use an Excel worksheet as input for items like login, password? Is this complex? Is C# coding required for this?
>>EveryStep can’t use files on a disk to fetch data due to security reasons. The only way to access Excel sheet or another file type is when it is accessible as web object via web. It also depends on specific of a web page or a site and every case should be considered separately and should be checked first.

8) How are results stored? Are they stored locally? Can they be stored locally? Can EveryStep results be saved to a unique file name after each run?
>>After playing script in EveryStep there is an ability to see Waterfall report which is opened in browser. Then you can save this page locally.

9) How does EveryStep handle validation errors? Is there a way to tell it to continue? Can this be done per validation? Is this what you call ‘filters’?
>>During playing of a script if validation error occurs therte’s a possibility to skip it or change a keyword and proceed execution. As for EveryStep filters, you can read more about it here:

You can use our wiki pages to find additional information on EveryStep: