Hey EveryStep Support, It worked!!! I did exactly what you said(Choosing IE). It had Google Chrome selected by default. It proceeded to next screen and loaded the page with Java Script. But again I got two issues and requirement clarification here.
1. When I clicked on text field and typed some characters, it took a while to show them on the screen and then I clicked “Search”, it worked.
2. When I wanted to save recording, it was circling busy icon for more than 5 min. i thought it is saving the file but when i went to folder, i saw file was already created. Not sure why it shows busy.
3. Requirement: Is there anyway that I can import these texts(to be searched in the tool) via text file or xls file and select “some features for that searched user” in that page and hit apply button in that page.
Web Page i am referring to: https://support.webex.com/webex/v1.2/common_docs/en_US/orgadmin/index.htm#26467.htm