I tried to run a script where I had previously pasted the code below:

// script_version=3.0; everystep_version=4.0.5953.25078; date=4/19/2016; IE=11.0.9600.17126
Tabs.ConfigureIEVersion (BrowserMode.IE11, DocumentMode.IE11Emulate);
Tabs.SetSize (1768, 651);
DMBrowser tab0 = null;
Step (1, “The input element – HTML5 tutorial – http://www.html-5-tutorial.com/input-element.php“);
tab0 = Tabs.NewTab ();
tab0.GoTo (“http://www.html-5-tutorial.com/input-element.php“);
// produces random number in range from 18 to 120
int r = (new Random(DateTime.Now.Second)).Next(18, 121);
tab0.TextField (“//INPUT[@TYPE=\”number\”]”, “//INPUT[@NAME=\”age\”]”, “//B[normalize-space()=\”Age:\”]/..//INPUT”).TypeText (r.ToString());

I found the code in the page EveryStep: Sample C# Code Editing in a Script – Editing scripts in EveryStep

I got an error dealing with the compiler and I see that the ‘int’ declaration/definition is highlighted in red.
Do I need to perform some other actions in order to let the C# commands be compiled and run correctly?
Thank you in advance.