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    Is there a way to assign a variable such that I can have my script click on a link whose text matches a text string?

    Better yet, is there a way that I can have the script read in a set of variables from a text or Excel file and perform steps based on those variables?

    e.g. if I want to get the batting average for each player on the Red Sox team, can I set up a list of player names, and have the script loop through the list, get each name, navigate to a website, search for that player name, find the element on the website which corresponds to the player’s batting average and then populate my file with the batting average next to the player’s name?

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    First of all EveryStep application is designed for automated website functionality monitoring, not data collection, so accessing local files (reading or writing) is prohibited due to security concerns.

    Still, script can be modified within reason using valid C# code.
    For example, you can define an array of values to use them later at script, like

    string[] PlayerName = {

    foreach (string Name in PlayerName)
    tab0.TextField (“//INPUT[@ID=\”playername\”]”, “(//INPUT[@TYPE=\”text\”])[1]”).TypeText (Name);

    Here’s some more examples of custom code for the reference:

    Kind regards.

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