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    How can I be sure that the time between steps is less than “X” seconds?


    After the script is recorded you can add a “Time Watcher” that makes sure the time of execution for a specific part of a script is faster than the time specified and sends alerts in case the threshold is exceeded.
    To set this up while editing a script, Select the line (step) where Time Watcher should start.  Right mouse click and select  “Add Script Time Watcher” from the menu. After you’ve entered the desired properties (name, threshold), select the line after which watcher should be stopped, right mouse click and select “Close Watcher”, after that choose a name of watcher to close.

    John Hankins

    I’m looking for the opposite approach, how can I insert a delay in the script. the script I’ve created submits a request to create a new resource, I want to delay the next step in the script for the amount of time it takes to create the resource (approx 5 minutes). Is there a command for this. Is there a command index available?



    Delays are added by selecting a line, after which delay should be added => Right Click => Add delay => Adjust value and click “ok”:

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    Also, here’s a description of methods and classes scripting tool uses:

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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