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    It seems the .dmuv script files are not editable outside of your application and you cannot manually edit the script text in the application either.

    This would be useful in cases where we might want to use a base script template and maybe replace some variable text values to run for various configurations. I am not seeing a way to do that or to dynamically add page requests in a copy/paste fashion.


    You can enable this advanced feature by clicking on the wrench in the upper right hand of the program and selecting Advanced Settings -> Miscellaneous -> and check the box next to ‘Allow to edit script manually’.
    This feature is currently being tested and may be disabled until the next update is released.

    You must be careful when manually editing a script because any changes to a script that are not allowed will cause the script to fail.


    In my client “Allow to edit script manually” is grayed out. Are there any other way to enable this?



    Due to user feedback, this feature is currently disabled while we are updating the software to make it easier to use. It should be available in a future version.


    This tools is not good enoutht for me if I cannot edit a script.
    I think it is really very premature to rease software that does not suppor basic features like editing a recorded script

    Will have to look for a better one

    Dan McCaffrey

    Not being able to edit is a deal-breaker for me.

    Too bad it really looked like a promising tool.


    We understand the desire to edit scripts inline. Currently, you can edit existing lines after you have stopped recording the script by clicking on the underlined steps in the script, or right clicking on a line to add new lines. We are working on adding the ability to edit the script in a free form manner, and have moved this priority up in our development queue. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to sharing the latest updates with you.


    Inline editing is now available in the latest version of the EveryStep scripting tool. After recording a script you can stop recording and simply click and type to edit anything within the script. The scripting language is a combination of the custom events auto generated by the script and C#. We recommend caution when editing with C# to ensure you do not write buggy code that could send a script into an infinite loop.

    Mobile devices are also now available in this update so you can see how a website performs on different individual mobile browsers.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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