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    How can I set it up so that if a certain message is ever displayed on a page then the system sends an error alert?


    You can use regular Keywords with “!” – logical NOT element. For example, you need to
    receive the alert when message “Exact keyword” appears on your page. Add the keyword
    “Exact keyword” as usual, then click on it and at the field “Properties”=>”Keyword” add
    expression !”Exact keyword”.


    Can you further clarify how the “!” NOT operation is done using KeywordAssert? I have tried several things including your instructions with no luck. What would be the equivalent for the following statement:

    tab0.KeywordAssert (“An error has occurred”);



    If you need to check when “An error has occurred” keyword is found on the page and receive alert on it, then:

    tab0.KeywordAssert (“{[!\”An error has occurred\”]}”);

    Please, note, that you should probably re-enter double quotes in Scripting Tool due to different formatting.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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